What are the different types of skylights we Install and Repair?

New York Skylight Installation

Skylights are a necessity for buildings in New York City, often for code adherence or allowing light into an otherwise dark area. Skylights  wear down over time. Often a simple repair can correct the problem, other times an entirely new skylight may be necessary.

  • Fort-Cica will assess what is necessary to fix your skylight and then perform repairs and installations.

  • Fort-Cica can repair and/or replace any screens, glass or flashings that give out.

**Skylights come in many varieties and many materials, offering customers many options. See images below.***






HIP Skylight- 160 Clay Street BKLYN-3

Hip Vent Skylight

Hip Ridge Skylight

Hip Ridge Skylight

Hip Ridge Skylight

architectural extruded Aluminum Skylight

Architectural Extruded Aluminum Skylights

architectural extruded Aluminum Skylight2

Architectural Extruded Aluminum Skylights


Velux Skylights

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