Is it just Repair and Maintenance?

Repair and Maintenance are  viable options to extend the service life of a sound, but aged roof. It saves money and delays the need for a roof replacement. The key to any restoration project is a thorough professional inspection.

  • Fort-Cica representatives are well-trained to conduct a comprehensive assessment. If your roof’s life can be extended through maintenance, we will provide support throughout the process, ensuring a quality and affordable roofing system.
  • Some forms of maintenance are patching, resurfacing, repair of flashing, cleaning gutters and drains and roof coating application.
  • Resurfacing a roof is the application of an additional layer of roofing over an existing one.  Resurfacing can be done if the existing roof is not water soaked and not more than two layers.
  • Roof Coating Application is the application of an elastomeric or acrylic coating on an existing roof surface.  This application typically adds to the life expectancy of an existing older roof.


A roof in need of resurfacing:

After the roof is resurfaced: