Roof Pavers

Roof pavers create new possibilities for otherwise lost space. Both functional and attractive, roof pavers can be used for walkways, play areas, perimeter ballast, roof decks, or to fully cover a roof for ultimate protection from wind and UV damage.

Fort-Cica installs three types of pavers:

Concrete Pavers can be installed with pedestals or laid directly on the roof surface. Fort-Cica installs Hanover, Tile Tech, Bison, Westile, and many other brands of pavers.

  • Walkway Application: pavers are installed side by side to create walkways
  • Perimeter Ballasted Application: pavers are used as a perimeter ballast to guard against gravel scout and protect a roofing system at its most vulnerable areas
  • Fully Ballasted Application: installed on the entire roof surface



IPE Pavers are designed for constructing raised wood decks over exterior surfaces such as rooftops, terraces and plazas, in both residential and commercial applications.  IPE Pavers Benefits:

  • Extremely durable and dense – wear resistant and scuff resistant
  • Class A fire rating – complies with many local fire codes
  • High bending and shearing strength – ideal for commercial applications
  • Dimensionally stable – resists warping and twisting
  • Excellent weathering properties – do not splinter
  • Low maintenance – ages gradually


Rubber Pavers are designed for playground space on a roof.



Installation requirements depend upon individual project needs. Not all roof pavers are designed for continuous foot traffic.

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