Green Roofing Systems


What is a Green Roof?

Green roofs are vegetated roof covers that take the place of bare membrane, gravel, shingles or tiles. There are many variances of green roof types, but all green roofs include:

  • A waterproofing system
  • A drainage layer and soil and or/plants
  • Concrete roof pavers/ wooden roof decks

Did You Know there are 2 Types of Green Roofs?


  • Low-profile and include fewer layers than an intensive system
  • Soil depth from 2”-6”
  • Lightweight: 15-50lbs/sq.ft
  • Limited plant species options
  • Less expensive and require very little maintenance
  • Can be constructed on slopes up to 30 degrees and steeper ones can be installed with raised grids or laths to hold plants and soil media in place


  • Soil depth 6” or more
  • Heavier weight load on roof: up to 150 lbs/sq.ft
  • More plant species available including trees and shrubs
  • Require irrigation, fertilization and more maintenance than extensive


Why go Green?

Lower Your Bills
Insulates and cools your building, reducing utility costs.

Air Quality
Improves air quality and helps offset carbon footprint.

Extend the Life of Your Roof
Green roofs have a life expectancy of 30 to 35 years.

Noise Reduction
U to a 50 decibel noise reduction can be realized.

Storm Water Retention
Green roofs retain up to 75% of a one-inch rainfall and therefore alleviate the pressure of the city’s sewer systems.

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