What are the Benefits of Different Flat Roofing Systems?

Benefits of Flat Roofing in New York

SBS Modified Bitumen

The most cost effective and common of all of the roofing systems, SBS offers a less expensive and quick fix to any roofing system. With the ability to be put down in a cold adhesive and in a torch applied fashion, SBS can be adherered to most substrates. The material is typically applied in one to three layers and can offer up to a 25 year warranty. Although there are many variables of consideration, SBS is an option for almost all roofs in NYC.


With a fantastic track record, EPDM is one of the more popular systems in America, and can be a great choice for any residential project. It is a very versatile roofing system that can be applied to many different substrates. EPDM offers the benefits of fewer seams, a lighter load on the roof and a quick installation. It is very cost effective and is typically eligible for up to a 30 year warranty.

Cold Applied Liquid Systems

A time-tested roofing system that is typically applied with a 2-part liquid and a polyester reinforcement. This type of system creates a monolithic membrane.

Hot Fluid Applied Systems

Hot fluid applied systems are monolithic systems. American Hydrotech is the most popular system of this kind. Henry also offers this type of system.


This system is applied in the same way as an EPDM system, with a slight difference. TPO is a more rigid system; it is adhered with a glue, but all seams are heat welded, as opposed to glued. TPO is a great choice when there is a possibility of the roof being exposed to chemical emissions.

Built Up Asphalt Roofing Systems (BUR)

BUR systems are the oldest type of systems. It consists of plies of roofing felt, embedded in hot asphalt. The surfacing is either gravel, a mineral surface cap sheet or a white/silver roof coating.